The Psychic – Evelyn

The Psychic – Evelyn
She has always had powers: the ability to see into people and situations. But she’s kept this information close, keenly aware she is the embodiment of what people fear most. This time, this case, is different. She cannot ignore its call. Should she risk everything? Will doing this stop the nightmares or will she just find herself thrust deeper into the horror?


Lost Girl, Amy

Lost Girl Amy:
She was homeless when the darkness found her: broken and alone. She longs for the power and control over her life that was stripped from her at a very early age. His whispers are dark promises she cannot resist. Will she follow him at the risk of losing her identity? Or is the price just too much?


Midnight Sun: Book One of The Anastomosis Series

I’m pleased to announce that the final edits for my next book are finally done. The book should be up for preorder in the next few weeks and it is part one of a paranormal/fantasy mystery series.
A detective assigned to track down a serial killer finds himself wrapped up in a case involving a demon hunter, a psychic, and a creature far more evil than he could imagine. Will they be able to stop it before it feeds on more human souls?