She smothers herself in blankets.
Wraps herself tightly in layer after
layer of woven cloth until nothing
sticks out except the tip of her head.

She sleeps deeply in her cocoon, protected
from anything that might wake her
from the dreams where she soars through
the sky-a superhero defending the world
from the bad guys.

One day I will have to explain to her that
the bad guys are all around. One day I will have to
hold her when someone breaks her heart
and she has long forgotten how to be an
all powerful being that can create her own destiny.

One day comfort will be much harder to find
and the idea of wrapping yourself in a swath of
material to keep the darkness out will seem
as illogical as being a superhero.

For now I will tell her none of these things. I will
let her feel safe in her pile of blankets and stuffed

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