Time slips by in minutes, sometimes in waves. There are times when I can almost feel it carrying me through the day, as if it were a substantial force and not just a construct, an idea, a way for our brains to perceive our reality. I remember when those minutes felt like a burden that was carried across my shoulders and draped over my body. Each soft tick of the clock another moment until freedom.

I was a child, I didn’t understand.

Now, now it is different. Time does not move the same as it did before, it does not follow the same path once we cross an invisible barrier. I think it must be like some giant cosmic equation similar to what we used to study all those years ago in school. At the point on the graph when the greater of X is less than than Y, then each minute will consist of 400 seconds. When X is equal to Y, then each minute will equal an appropriate sixty seconds. However, when X is more than Y, then each minute will consist of 20 seconds.

And so on, and so on, until eventually one day our minutes run so fast that they fade out. Until I fade out, wondering what happened to all of my minutes.

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