New Short Story $0.99 on Amazon

I have released my latest short story on Amazon today, and it can be yours for less than a dollar. What if you had a chance to take a different path? Or change something you regretted? Would you take it?

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Here is a brief excerpt of the story:

So much grief, he thought, turning back to the conversation at hand at the sound of Daniel’s voice.

“I’m sorry, what? I missed most of what you said,” he mumbled. Daniel had been a friend of his since junior high school. They were all one big group back then, and it seemed nothing would have been able to get between them. That’s what he’d thought all those years ago, when death was nothing but an abstract concept and not a solid mahogany casket waiting to be lowered into the frozen ground.

Fletch had pushed his shoulders up to try and prevent the Oklahoma wind from ramming into the side of his head and freezing his ear. Now he forced himself to relax long enough to let in the nasally sound of Daniel’s voice.

“I said, she told me to give you this.” He held out a manila envelope in front of him like he was brandishing a prize.


“Lauralee. She gave it to me about six months ago, along with a couple of other things for different people. Said that when she died I needed to pass them out.”

Fletch looked up at Daniel’s face to see if he was fucking with him. If this was some kind of cruel joke that the pudgy bastard thought might be funny. But he could see from the set of his jaw and the sharpness of his gaze that it was not the case.

“What do you mean? She died in a car wreck. No one knew she was going to pass away. Not her, not Christ, not anyone.”

“I know.” Daniel sighed and looked back over his shoulder longingly at the people who were still gathered there. “When she came to me and told me what she did I thought she was crazy. I mean, she swore that she wasn’t sick and that nothing was going on. Said she just had a feeling that this was something she should take care of now. Before…”

Click here to buy it now!