Surviving With Zombies

Hordes of the undead
parade across the screen –
some fast, some ploddingly slow,
all recently revived from the tomb.

They are mute except for
scuttling footsteps and occasional
attempts at vocalization –
their existence one of base
needs.  I wonder if they can still feel
their humanity – if it haunts
them in flickers and memories.

I know you are still there, always in the
background.  Where would
you go? After all, there are machines to
help you breathe and implements to give
you food, because you can no longer
do even this on your own.

It is too easy for the world to
forget that being trapped by a body which
no longer responds does not lessen who you are.

If zombies can remember their lives
before that disorientating moment when they
re-emerged into the world craving human flesh,
then I have to pause and consider that each
moan is a plea for someone to put an end
to it.

And you are still there…

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